Haghgooie Ramin

Ramin Haghgooie, PhD

Instructor in Surgery

Department of Surgery

Harvard Medical School

Assistant Bioengineer

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Haghgooie received his BSE in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan and his MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He first joined the institute as a postdoctoral fellow in 2007 with the MIT-MGH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Translational Research. His postdoctoral research focused on the production and study of cell-like microparticles for interaction with blood. At the completion of his fellowship, Dr. Haghgooie left the MGH to join the Cambridge, MA based medical device startup Seventh Sense Biosystems where he developed new medical devices for non-invasive blood sampling. In 2011, Dr. Haghgooie rejoined the institute as a faculty member and co-founder of General Fluidics Corp. where he is currently leading the development of integrated blood analysis devices that utilize microfluidic technology to perform multiple blood tests with a single blood sample. Dr. Haghgooie’s research focuses on developing new medical devices using microfluidics, nanotechnology, and biosensors for research and clinical diagnostic uses. Several of these devices have entered commercial development including review by regulatory agencies. Dr. Haghgooie is an author on over 10 peer-reviewed publications and 20 US patents and patent applications.

Representative publications

Yuet KP, Hwang DK, Haghgooie R, Doyle PS. Multifunctional superparamagnetic Janus particles. Langmuir. 2010 Mar 16; 26(6):4281-7.  View in: PubMed

Haghgooie R, Toner M, Doyle PS. Squishy non-spherical hydrogel microparticles. Macromol Rapid Commun. 2010 Jan 18; 31(2):128-34.  View in: PubMed


Ramin Haghgooie, Ph.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital
Center for Technology Development
51 Blossom Street, Room 239
Boston, MA 02114

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