The Center for Surgery, Innovation & Bioengineering (The Center), a Division of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, is a clinically-driven enterprise that engages in the basic sciences and engineering to solve everyday challenges in clinical medicine. The Center promotes the development of new approaches to healthcare delivery and personalized medicine, minimally invasive therapies, as well as a myriad of new technologies such as re-engineered organs, smart nano-pharmaceuticals and nanodiagnostics, and living cell-based microfabricated devices for diagnostics, therapeutics, high-throughput drug screening, and basic and applied biomedical investigation.

We are delighted to announce the creation of this new center.  It represents the expanding overlap of three longstanding and successful research programs that formerly resided within the Divisions of Burns and Trauma in our Department of Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Drs. Tompkins, Toner, and Yarmush, the principals and founders of this new center, are well-known scientists and bioengineers in their own fields while having been close collaborators for several decades.  This re-engineering of the centers expands the overlap of three independent, very successful science, bioengineering and technology, and translational medicine programs.  This center broadens the role of engineers in medicine and will allow their work to have an even greater impact upon the diagnosis and therapies of human disease and preventative medicine,” as stated by Keith D. Lillemoe, M.D., Chief, Department of Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

I have been familiar with their work for years and believe this new center has a tremendous opportunity to make many important contributions to medicine through bioengineering and innovation,”  remarked Arthur Goldstein, Ph.D., who is the former Chief Executive Office of GE Ionics, Inc. and a Trustee of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization. The community should be excited to have such a wonderful group of successful doctors, scientists, and engineers working together under a single center within the MGH using innovative technology to solve multiple challenges in modern medicine.

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